Day 365: The End

31 Dec

Today, take an ending–“And they lived happily ever after;” “And he disappeared into the sunset;” “And she was never seen again; “And then he woke up”–and make it a beginning. Write for 10-20 minutes.


And that, friends, is the end of the 2010 Writer’s Challenge. Maybe not THE the end, but at least the end of daily posting. Stay tuned in 2011 for Rebecca and Katie’s next project: a new online literary magazine.


Day 364: Never, In All My Life, Have I Eaten Sushi

30 Dec

Today, write a scene or story in 1000 words or fewer that begins with the phrase, “Never, in all my life, have I …”

Day 363: Where Am I?

29 Dec

Today, think of a place very familiar to you–your school, your bedroom, your office. Describe this place in detail, as if you’ve never been there before and are seeing it for the first time. Don’t go straight for the obvious description; really think about the little things that you take for granted daily.

Day 362: Just Going to Curl Up at My Desk Watching Mad Men

28 Dec

Today it’s back to work after a 2-week break–not because I needed all that extra time to enjoy the holidays, but because I’ve been run down by a monster virus. To be honest, I could have used another week to recuperate.


Today, write about a character who’s been–naturally or unnaturally–sapped of his/her energy, and how that affects the character’s daily activities.

Day 361: Hopefully With the Electricity Intact

27 Dec

Write about getting snowed in.

Day 360: Mwahahaha

26 Dec

Write about a kid who gets exactly what he thinks he wanted for Christmas–until it all starts going horribly wrong.

Day 359: A Three-Decker Sauerkraut and Toadstool Sandwich

25 Dec

Write about a Grinch.